6 Common Problems To Call HVAC Repair in Dracut

HVAC Repair in Dracut

An HVAC system comprises different components that can undergo mechanical faults. You can resolve some problems independently, but you have to call professional technicians for more complicated issues. Home Service Doctor is always available for your help and delivers the most efficient HVAC system repair services. We have years of experience in offering affordable HVAC repair services and are trusted by people around the area. In this article, we will talk about six common problems to call HVAC repair service in Dracut. So without delaying any further, let’s proceed ahead.

Common Problems To Call HVAC Repair in Dracut

Here are the most common problems for which you should consult HVAC Repair in Dracut.

Negligence in Maintenance 

Proper working of your system is important to get it maintained regularly by a licensed service provider. Following a regular maintenance schedule, you can avoid a wide range of common system problems. Take help from Furnace Maintenance in Dracut to ensure proper system maintenance. Always keep one thing in mind: negligence in the care of your system will leave you with costly repairs and inefficient performance.

Dirty Filters 

Also, it is important to take care of timely filter replacement to ensure the best filtration results. A dirty or clogged filter will block smooth airflow and require more effort from the system to meet the workload needs. As a result, unnecessary pressure on your system will lead to more energy consumption and less result output. Moreover, a dirty filter also leads to overheating problems in the furnace, which might shut off on extremely high limits.

Ignition or Pilot Problems 

There are different reasons why you might be having ignition problems with your system. It could be due to damage to the flame sensor, short cycling, or delayed ignition. Moreover, other possible causes might include a dirty pilot, pilot outage by burners, or furnace lockout. In some cases, gas supply problems can also lead to ignition problems. Make sure to call Heater Repair in Dracut if you notice such a problem. Damage to ignition parts is also one of the most common reasons for system inefficiency. Usually, this involves a problem with the thermocouple or hot surface ignitor. 

Thermostat Malfunctions 

Different types of thermostats are available in the market for various HVAC systems. These include non-programmable and programmable thermostats majorly. A damaged thermostat can never let your HVAC system deliver the required results. This can also happen even if the thermostat is not damaged but needs to be set correctly. Open the user manual, see the recommended thermostat instructions, and adjust your thermostat accordingly. As a result, you will not have to pay extra for heavy HVAC repairs. There are batteries provided with programmable thermostats that you must replace on time. 

Mechanical Damage 

Sometimes damage to the system’s mechanical components might also compromise its performance. There might be a problem with bearings and belts, leading to poor airflow and major heating issues.


Hopefully, by now, you are well aware of the common problems you should call HVAC Repair in Dracut. If you are looking for the most professional yet affordable HVAC service providers, you should contact Home Service Doctor for help. We have been serving in the industry for many years and know how to solve all the problems related to the HVAC system. Moreover, we have experience in dealing with a diverse range of HVAC systems and servicing them professionally. Thus, you can take help from us.



How Can I Make My System More Energy Efficient?

You can take different steps to improve the energy efficiency of your system and optimize its performance. Try changing your air filter regularly for the best filtration results. Moreover, enroll yourself in an HVAC service plan for proper maintenance and servicing of your system. Also, ensure to insulate ceiling leaks and install curtains or shades in areas with extreme sunlight exposure.

What Is The Best Thermostat Setting For Energy Savings?

Usually, for winter 68°F and for summer, 75°F is good for saving up to 15% of your energy bills. These are not fixed settings for your system. Rather, they can be adjusted depending on the outside temperature. Moreover, you can also alter the neighborhoods if you are away from home or sleeping.

What Is The Difference Between Ductless Air Conditioning Vs. Central Air?

The central AC system is ‘split,’ having an indoor and an outdoor unit. It helps in supplying conditioned air via ductwork to your home. On the other hand, a mini-split or ductless system is installed directly into the wall. The outdoor and indoor components are connected with the help of tubing. The ductless and central air systems have pros and cons but consult a Dracut Heating Repair professional to choose the system that suits you the most.