DIY Ductwork Cleaning Tips by HVAC Companies in Boston

DIY Ductwork Cleaning Tips by HVAC Companies in Boston

You can probably visualize what the interiors of the vents and air ducts in your HVAC system look like after some time has passed. If you think about how much dust and dirt may build up over time on the surface you’d immediately want to call for HVAC companies in Boston.

But hold up, we’ll let you in on a little secret: You can do DIY ductwork cleaning with these tips by the best HVAC companies in Boston.

How to Clean Your Air Ducts By Yourself

Keeping your air conditioning ducts clean is a breeze if you follow these guidelines:

  1. Take off the covers and clean the vents. Using the screwdriver, remove the vent covers. They’re dishwasher safe, but you may also wash them by hand if you like. Put them in a dry location.
  2. Wrap paper towels around the vent apertures. Insert a few paper towels over the vents leading to your supply registers. If you are cleaning ducts in another portion of your HVAC system, dust won’t be able to blow out of them and land on your walls and floor. In order to clean, you will need to remove the covers; nevertheless, it is recommended that you always put them back on after you are done.
  3. Kick up some dirt. If dust is stuck to the walls of the ducting, you can knock it loose by tapping the brush handle against the walls.
  4. Get out of the vacuum and get rid of it. Pull out your vacuum hose and clean up whatever dust or debris you can reach with the help of the nozzle and brush attachments. Get some paper towels and wipe off the walls if you notice any lingering dust after that. For each duct hole, repeat the process.
  5. Please replace the air filter. When you’re done cleaning the dust out of your ducts, make sure to replace your air filter to further improve the quality of the air inside your home.
  6. Those vent covers need to be replaced. It is important to remember to replace the vent covers after you have cleaned them.

Air duct cleaning services are beneficial, but you can do more to maintain a healthy environment in your house by cleaning them yourself in the month’s in-between visits.

Can I Clean My Own Ductwork?

The ducts can be cleaned by the homeowner. Home Service Doctor recommends having a professional HVAC expert clean your air ducts on a regular basis to ensure the greatest performance from your unit. However, in the interim between professional cleanings, you can give them a thorough scrub yourself.

How Often Does Ductwork Need to Be Cleaned?

Numerous maintenance and health issues can be avoided by having air ducts cleaned every two to three years, as recommended by many experts. Homes with dogs or children who suffer from allergies should have their air ducts professionally cleaned more frequently than is typically suggested.

We advise that you hire a professional once a year and clean it yourself on occasion. In between professional cleanings, you may do a few things to keep your air ducts in good shape on your own.

What Tools Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

You’ll need some specialized equipment to get the dust and debris out of your air ducts and return them to peak efficiency.

  • VACUUM: Be sure your vacuum has a hose and nozzle that can extend into the ductwork.
  • BRUSH: A huge paintbrush or even a toilet brush will do the trick.
  • SCREWDRIVER: Take off the vent covers protecting your ductwork with this.
  • PAPER TOWELS: To prevent dust from spreading, cover other supply registers with paper towels and use them to wipe away stray particles as you clean.
  • AIR FILTER: It is highly recommended that you install a new air filter after you are completed.

Ductwork Cleaning Services in Boston – Book an Appointment

It is advised that at least once a year, homeowners have HVAC companies in Boston clean their home’s air ducts, even if the homeowners themselves are doing the cleaning. Because of their 15 years of expertise, the professionals at Home Service Doctor know exactly what has to be done to get your air conditioner working properly again so that it blows ice-cold, clean air throughout your entire home.

For the convenience of both commercial and residential clients, Home Service Doctor’s personnel are qualified to offer the broadest range of HVAC services. In the meantime, that supports our confident assertion that we are among the top HVAC companies in Boston, MA among all the contractors.