5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips By HVAC contractors in Dracut, MA

HVAC contractors in Dracut, MA

Our HVAC systems are bound to malfunction every once in a while, and it is yet again a time we all dread wondering if we have to spend money with HVAC contractors in Dracut, MA, to fix the HVAC issues.

You will be happy to know that every issue of HVAC in Dracut, MA, doesn’t necessarily mean that your bank account needs to take a hit. The homeowner brings a ton of responsibilities with the independence of having your own space; there’s wear and tear in equipment that must be catered to now and then. The maintenance of freedom is not an easy task.

It is why we see homeowners doing a lot of DIYs and learning about home equipment like HVAC in Dracut, MA, more than ever. Rightfully, it is not easy to take care of all the expenses with inflation, and one must be smart to learn a few things independently. One of the most precious investments in your home is also HVAC systems. They ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature and offer purified quality air for your family.

For timely maintenance to prevent any long-term HVAC issues, it is best to check the system on your own closely. Before getting into the hassle of finding and contacting reliable HVAC contractors in Dracut, MA like Home Service Doctor, it is advised to try troubleshooting tips on your own, which can make your HVAC system run efficiently. However, to check it on your own, you must have some basic information about it.

5 HVAC troubleshooting Tips that every Homeowner must know

Change Air Filters

If you can observe that HVAC cannot keep up with the load, it is most definitely clogged, old, and dirty air filters. It is bound to happen when you don’t change the filters for too long. It causes inefficiency in HVAC systems by forcing them to work harder than usual. But the most harmful part about dirty air filters is not that it causes inefficiency in the HVAC system. Still, in actuality, it allows the trapped dirt and pollutants to push through the filter, negatively impacting indoor air quality. To protect your HVAC Systems and your family’s health, it is the best troubleshooting tip that you replace air filters as per the suggestion of HVAC manufacturers. It is advised by experts to check and change air filters after 90 days, but if you can see that the HVAC systems are not functioning well, then you must change the filters.

Check the Thermostat

Commonly, the HVAC problems are because of a fault in the thermostat. It may even appear to be a complicated problem for which you would need to consult an HVAC contractor in Dracut, MA, but as a homeowner, you can easily check the batteries if they aren’t dead. You must check for a loose connection if it is an electric-based thermostat. However, if you reset the temperatures but fail to see a change, you might have to seek help from a professional. These issues can be easily identified when your system won’t turn on.

Clear Debris from the Outdoor Unit

Just like cleaning an indoor unit so that the system works with maximum efficiency, it is also important to understand that clutter and debris in the outdoor unit can decrease the efficiency of HVAC systems. The outdoor unit is impacted by grass, trees, and the accumulation of branches and other pollutants over time. Then these substances affect the free flow of air in the indoor space, negatively impacting the indoor air quality. As a homeowner, you can clean up the debris from outdoor HVAC units from time to time to ensure that the HVAC systems function at maximum capacity and the pesticides from grass and leaves don’t damage the coil.

Check the Power Supply

There’s often an issue with AC when it refuses to switch on. In such situations, it is best to inspect electrical supplies to see if they are ok. The power overload may cause a cut in the power supply, which could happen accidentally. When your solution is as simple as flipping a switch, these are the times. A Trip breaker would mean you have to reset before your HVAC system can work again. However, if the fuse blows, there’s less power, and calling an electrician is the solution. 

Cleaning Indoor Vents, Ducts, and Registers

Circulation of air through the home means small pollutants such as dirt, dust, and substances can invade or block the vents, ducts, and registers of HVAC systems. It can affect efficiency by diminishing overall indoor air quality and making your home environment unhealthy. As a homeowner, you must have basic knowledge about cleaning vents and ducts, and you may have to contact HVAC contractors for repair, depending on the damage.