Five tips to minimize the strain on your HVAC system during the summer

HVAC Contractors in Dracut, MA

It is no longer a luxury to have an HVAC system in Dracut, MA. Still, we have become dependent on the system with time because it provides better indoor air quality, a healthier lifestyle, and balances moisture levels during humidity. With research from experts in the field, we can keep ourselves updated with certain tips and techniques that can help us minimize the strain on our HVAC systems when the temperature goes up during summer so that our home can remain comfortable and cool.

When the summer approaches and the intensity of the heat are unbearable, homeowners tend to put a lot of load on the HVAC system in Dracut, MA. If the weather’s hot and humid, it is understood that HVAC systems in Dracut, MA, will be consuming a lot of energy, and eventually, there will be skyrocketing bills.

No wonder we see a lot of maintenance work and an increase in the workload of HVAC Contractors in Dracut, MA, during summer. Along with regular maintenance, there are many ways to reduce or minimize strain on your HVAC system during the summer season. It is noticeable that HVAC systems have to work extra hard on some days because the rooms’ temperatures are not always regulated. If you’re facing such issues with HVAC systems, you can most definitely check for HVAC contractors in Dracut, MA, who will support you with the unit’s maintenance and HVAC when needed. However, precautionary measures go a long way to save you money on the bills and repair costs.

Many suggest keeping HVAC at the right temperature, cleaning air filters, shutting windows and doors, improving Insulation, inspecting ductwork, and scheduling regular maintenance to avoid overall strain on the HVAC system during the summer season. In addition, there’s a lot of innovation and new suggestions from the experts to install solar attic fans and upgrade energy-efficient windows as solar-powered equipment reduces overall energy consumption, lowering electricity bills.

Five tips to Minimize the Strain on your HVAC System

  • Lower Heat Level Inside Home

The heat impact is reduced inside a home simply by altering unnecessary heat exposure in areas of the house. Heat can usually enter through windows and doors, heat-generating appliances, and light bulbs. If you use curtains or blinds for the windows, keep doors and windows shut during sun exposure, and limit the usage of electric bulbs or heat-generating appliances. You can easily combat heat inside the home. It will also help reduce extra work for your HVAC systems. It is also important to consider that frequency of opening and shut-off doors can hamper the performance of HVAC systems. It is surprising, but even hot showers can increase the temperature by a certain level. If it is multiple times a day, it will strain your HVAC system, but if you plan or schedule certain activities at night time, it can address the problem easily.

  • Installation of Smart Thermostat

Innovations are taking place to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Smart Thermostats in HVAC systems play a significant role in keeping HVAC systems in the best condition. Installation of the latest technology and leaving old thermostats behind have several advantages. We can program an HVAC system to sense relevant and desired requirements in your absence. If you are going on vacation, you can make adjustments to your smart thermostat, and it will run efficiently without putting extra load while also giving a break to your HVAC system.

  • Adding Shades Around the House

People don’t usually think of it, but planting trees outside the rooms which add shade to the windows or introducing dark shade curtains or blinds in the room can change the HVAC system, ensuring excellent air flow with cleaner air. Sunlight pouring through the windows can cause rooms to heat up quicker, but cutting off direct sunlight will keep the temperature adjusted and put less strain on the HVAC system and utility bills.

  • Maintain HVAC System Constantly

Maintenance of HVAC is the most crucial tip to increase the lifetime of HVACs in Dracut, MA. There are many HVAC contractors in Dracut, MA, who can become your time and money saver if they are reliable. Seek professional help and consultation to prevent repair and replacement of components of HVAC later. The HVAC will run smoothly and efficiently with regular check-ups and maintenance. Home Service Doctors are well-known for providing HVAC services with safety protocols. In addition, they also offer installation, repair, and replacement of HVAC systems if you need an air filter check, air duct inspection, cleaning of furnace and ductwork, etc. 

  • Change Air Filters and Improve Insulation

It is proven that dirty air filters can strain HVAC systems quickly and limit airflow. One must change air filters between 1-3 months, depending on the number of people in the household and the overall situation. If you have a pet or people with preexisting health conditions, then it is suggested to check it more often.

Similarly, proper Insulation helps maintain the temperature inside the house. Improve Insulation in places like the basement, garage, or attic where heat is allowed.